«Suicide in contemporary society: proposals and solutions.»

When we watch the news obituaries, and appreciate the transience and fragility of human existence, we face the truth, to which reference should be made daily. But not to fret, but to understand the true meaning of life, which although is inextricably linked to space-time coordinates, almost mathematically, not therefore be reduced solely to that. Although retrograde promote this thinking either someone considered important, and therefore believes that it has the right to impose a worldview contrary to what our inner self tells us daily about what is the true meaning of life, full and happy life … hard way, but it’s worth assumed, until the very end!
This statement means recognizing that human time, as the time of life, not the same as time clocks, and that this temporal dimension in which we are all immersed, not by choice, but by virtue of forces or conditions , which are in a region of reality, as «mystery» where a model of scientific-mathematical reflection does not and will accommodate. And this issue does not seem to have the same priority as the conquest of outer space, because it has driven blindness has forced us all to return to the cave, to get away from the original meaning, which began the activity of thinking, many centuries ago.
These reflections are unfortunately relegated by those who hold power in the world, and have put a price on everything, and all … financial moguls, or the merchants of war, who are more interested in accumulating desperately, wealth and power generated at the expense of the suffering and despair of humanity, which seeks in the background, something more than just material well … necessary but insufficient. When in achieving cancels the other part of that dimension that is not only body, but spiritual. Thread over, and subjected to heavy debates religious, philosophical and scientific, but what matters to understand is that in this long or short trip around the world, we must be careful to accept a priori, any point of view that we believe or feel not authentic, by convincing and this looks great.
It will be primarily individual effort and tenacity, a task that is risky – I wish, to be taken seriously by the dominant culture – aimed at finding the true meaning of our being and doing in the world. But in a harmonious and consistent, not only with the spiritual dimension, but mainly with our human history. In time, that is, whether we like it or not quantifiable, but mysterious and transcendental.
In this sense, the model withering critique existing world-view in the West, it should be routed to question and overthrow, almost immovable and superb scientific perspective, completely unable – so far-, to explain, much less build the «TRUE» meaning of the life … science is itself a field of action and interference, but limited to the physical universe. We can not possibly accept that human can be reduced to this limited perspective and suicidal.
This would seem to be only a cry in the wilderness, for the invasion have knowledge models, exclusively related to science and technology, building societies have shown no happier, but quite the opposite. The frantic struggle to be the best in these fields has led many to death, not because it’s a mistake to be outstanding, but because the market has imposed a ruthless style training, whose ultimate function is linked only to the generation of a prestigious capital almost exclusively material and thus placed above what is fundamental for any human: a life with dignity.
There are few youth suicides that occur daily throughout the world, and this is a serious symptom and disgusting, the cancer has already invaded the prevailing worldview.
Young, pure, healthy, full of vigor, energy and joy, with hope that craves a new dawn, but that losing his chance in academia or the labor market, or see betrayed its ideals and deepest aspirations, take refuge unfortunately evasion, which provides the underworld of drugs and debauchery eventually committing suicide, or face a premature and violent death. What is the reading that our social scientists are doing about it … another statistic, perhaps to demand more state financial budget, and thus mitigate the effects, but not their causes? What will the wise and respected psychiatrists, against this wave of suicides … drug failure, or perhaps the advent of a new theory, to be presented at the next congress doctor? This is only concrete sign of crass absurdity that is this scientism, who broke into the modern mind. Which is run by miserable merchants, thirsty earnings and profits, only to be used in the aggrandizement of their empires … sandcastles, drag one day and turned into ashes, the vast ocean of human history.
Young people will die needlessly in wars illegal openly generated by greed, pride, and empowerment of hegemonic groups, which became darkness in his place. Young blood is spilled, and with it the hope not only of those who go so sadly of this world but of those who are coming for their turn, in this corridor of death, to be called, with the excuse of serve and defend the country … and who once fell in combat, will be given a medal and a flag, which are the sign of lying, that the honor.
Life is not only prepared to make money, or believe that we succeeded in ephemeral successes and suspects, chasing only what others are interested. And this is not so easy to understand, because the construction of this mentality – become almost unquestionable dogma – has done almost from the moment of arrival to the world. To this end, there has been a bombing abominable subliminal and direct, creating a fearsome tsunami media saturated with illusions of grandeur, cleverly designed, and highly poisonous and addictive. But what in my opinion has claimed more victims, is the current education model – depending on who and what goals have driven? – Designed to create human beings but scientifically productive and technically advanced … but devoid of a culture liberating, and unable to cope with other weapons, the challenge of living with dignity.
The fragility and vulnerability, specifically built in our youth – perhaps because it will be better consumers within the capitalist market – we are passing us the bill, and this apparently will never be taken into account, directly responsible for this phenomenon.
Children in this stormy weather, are obliged to exercise critical thinking, without fear, without anxiety … because they are not yet completely contaminated and losers, like most adults, many of whom have been in this, responsible , by action or omission.
The young man not only of body, but mainly in spirit, is non-transferable sacred mission to transform the world converted into the right and duty to revolt, that does not mean what some may misunderstand hypocritical Pharisees at their convenience, in the sense of promoting or promoting antisocial or violent behavior. Absolutely you try that, and not out of fear or cowardice, but because that style of building the world, proved to be a resounding failure. Therefore, you can not lose hope and fall into depression … because this is only a reflection dark and sad, the impasse with malice aforethought, have led us to all the «wise guidance» of the present time.
The new force in the world, should dare to rethink the model of life they want to live, and not to produce less, or decrease its contribution to the material progress of the world, but to do that, and then some. And that «something» is the secret of trying to build a world, but to maintain and enhance the decadent status quo that we inherited, but to transform, but dramatically.
A world that is the «place» where a human being like you and me, let’s experience of life as a journey worthy performed; without falling over in disgrace to transmit to our descendants, the bitter fruits of death reflected in hatred, greed, racism, suicide, drug addiction, nihilism sterile genocidal imperialist wars, racial cleansing, deliberate poisoning of groups being considered less useful or dangerous, forced migrations, etc, etc.