Who we educate for freedom?

When we insert ourselves in the world, we face almost automatically in a worldview that us models and determines to a large extent. And therein lies the deep sense of the direction in which carry the cradle to the grave.
Currently there is no much time to think, because this has become almost obsolete, this human dimension built with practicality of production and consumption. No wonder the high demand doing the business of evasion, drugs, pornography, and theoretical models expressly designed, where myriads of human minds poured their energies to exhaust them. The cult of the pride of always have more, without a sense of accurate and valid; Racing life almost with wildness, of an existence that no one wants to question, because the freedom of the Supreme Act of thinking has become no more, in the sin of the century…
Values, the virtues and everything that spontaneously we are thrilled and drives to the heroism and Holiness; that tradition we have inherited as an equivalent and respect of human dignity, has been excessively relativized, into something strange and inoperative in this new modern machinery. This new model of freedom, adjusted to account and the extent of those who have been autoerigidos in judges and teachers of history, drowning not only to its victims but also to their perpetrators. Because its ultimate meaning is not to teach us to be free.
Freedom is not an abstract concept, but a State within which a human being feels in fullness its existence. It is not a simple state of mind, but the conviction of being inside a reality built in indissoluble link not only with life, but with honor and dignity. These discourses seem to be outside of what the censors of modern culture have been disqualified because they already took its decision, to promoting despair and boredom, which produces a world that has been uprooted from your best fate.
Poverty arising from this bondage, and which is more fearsome than the simple absence of bread, is encouraging more genuine and universal to make us rethink the direction in which we as individual human beings, and in consequences such as Nations and continents.